Posted by: hyacinthus | November 4, 2007

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood

Let’s see… What to eat?

2 different types of Chilli

Coke – S$1.20, Lime Juice – S$1.50

Shrimp Paste Chicken – S$8. Good. Tasty, not salty and meat was succulent.

Oyster Omelette – S$6. This was disappointing. Oysters taste horrid and stale.

See the state of the oysters.

Stingray – S$10. Passable.

Total Damage = S$28.10

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood
301 Ulu Pandan Road Singapore 596469
Time: Daily 1700 – 0000
Owner: Mr. Eng Boon Hor  Handphone: 97896435  Outlet: 64688290
Mr. Eng Boon Han  Handphone: 93869961




  1. If you rate it to be passable only, then why do I occasionally see the placa crowded when I pass by?

    I live nearby by the way.

  2. >>Excelsvr, u mean if the place is crowded, the food must definitely be good to everyone?
    To each his own.

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