Posted by: hyacinthus | November 4, 2007

Chu Kee II

Without a maid around and just 3 of us at home, we decided to eat out for dinner yesterday.

In fact, we have been packing dinner back since 2 Thursdays ago.

Chu Kee is just nearby and my parents wanted to try their oyster omelette especially when I praised how good it was.

Osmanthus Tea – suppose to aid digestion – very fragrant!

Delighted – the dishes came quickly within 5 min after we ordered.

This is unusual cos most times, we had to wait much longer than 15min. Perhaps, we had dinner earlier this time.

Oyster Omelette – S$10++

Omelette yummy as usual – except the oysters’ freshness pales when compared to the last time I had it. 

Braised Toufu – S$9++

Soft and tasty toufu dish

Sweet and Sour Pork – S$9++

No fats. Good for us. But, I think it’s a bit hard this time.

King Prawn Yam Ring – S$30++

My mum was bewildered at the price… she kept saying the dish was too expensive. Well, the yam was grind finely and was very soft unlike the usual ones. It has about 8 large king prawns which cost around S$2 each at wet markets. My dad and myself think it’s excellent.


Total Damage (HSBC card 10% discount). I didn’t read the items on the bill carefully. They charged me S$1 for “peanuts” which we never had on the table.

For Chu Kee’s location, you can read the address from my previous post.


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