Posted by: hyacinthus | November 4, 2007


Look at how young and svelte these TCS stars were 18 years ago! 

Chen Liping (she’s from Crescent Girls) and Li Nanxing

Chen Lizhen and Zhu Houren

Hong Peixing

Chen Liping 18 years later – today.

Over the years, haven’t we also grown (vertically and/or horizontally) with better food and stressful lifestyle?



  1. one of my fav tv series! (apart from samsui woman)

  2. mine too! She was so funny and cute in that show.

    Years back, saw her at SBC studio (She was acting in Golden Shenton Way then) when our school organised a trip there. She was very friendly, smiled and waved to us. Then, pointed to our school uniforms and told someone that’s her alma mater… we’ll so excited then and shared that with our classmates 🙂

    Samsui woman is another excellent production too.

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