Posted by: hyacinthus | November 4, 2007

10min Haircut?

We are all so busy these days – no time and no patience for much things.

24 hours is not enough.

I met an ex-colleague with his 2 young children at Funan today. He didn’t notice that I was observing him – his dark eye bags and tired looking expression while ordering roti prata for his children. He must be very tired – didn’t notice me at all. I didn’t say “Hi” cos I understand sometimes people need space too – time to be alone even when he’s not alone.

If you had only 10min to spare, would you perhaps try a 10-min haircut for S$10?

Insert S$10 note to pay first. Do’s and Don’ts #8 says no photo taking. hah… I didn’t notice till I was processing the pictures.

You’ll get a card like this to pass to the hair stylist. My thumb looks dry… doing housework… 😦

You get entertained with movie previews too in that 10mins. When you don’t have time to watch a movie, preview is the next best thing… so sad, right?

We need more of such professional and quick services to help us save time.



  1. EC House? Nice. I usually go there for my cut too, which on a weekend, it can get very crowded.

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