Posted by: hyacinthus | November 3, 2007

Your Playground of Discovery

I don’t have the patience to sit through a seminar, usually.

Was at Adobe Photoshop World Asia Pacific 2007 seminar yesterday.

One of the 3 speakers – Julieanne Kost (well-known creative photographer who also works as senior digital imaging evangelist at Adobe Systems, Inc) – was engaging. 

Her intimate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and ability to teach as well as to inject humour naturally made us sit through the seminar till the end.

The result – I’ve learnt much more than I’ve expected and enjoyed her fine sense of humor.

An unexpected bonus – my business card was picked to receive Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended (something that I wanted badly) from Julieanne Kost on stage.

That made my day. 🙂



  1. congrats on cs3 extended! good stuff, rite?

    well 2b honest the cs3 extended is the first ever photoshop that i really utilized. I experienced photoshop when i was in primary school, dunno what photoshop version was that.. Around year 1999?

    That time I didn’t know that Photoshop can do many interesting stuffs. Instead, I use it for the substitute of MS Paint! Hahahah.

  2. after looking at adobe photoshop release history, maybe it was version 5.. 😉

  3. thanks.

    yes. it’s my favourite software. 🙂

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