Posted by: hyacinthus | November 1, 2007

Thoughts about today…

First, we had workplan retreat today.

The whole agenda was changed many times before and during the whole retreat.

Someone had some hidden agenda and didn’t say it simply what he wants – sending too many confusing messages.

If I ever become boss one day, I hope I don’t drain my staff with confusing messages and make them second guess what I want!

Second, the train track at Dhoby Ghaut caught fire (I think so) and disrupted both North-South and East-West line services. The service routes were changed. An east bound train, instead of going to Pasir Ris, was broadcasted to go to Orchard.

People in the train were confused if they should go out and when they finally understood the repeated broadcasted messages, there were bottlenecks at the train doors – people rushing to get out and people rushing to get in.

When people are faced with a situation that’s abnormal, should they act abnormally too?

Third, HR and Finance couldn’t project how much  to revise our salary budget and asked me. How would I know what quantum to increase (I don’t approve the performance grades which correlates with the quantum)? How would I know everyone’s salary (when it should be confidential)?

Someone rightly pointed out that having people in an organisation is not an asset. Getting the RIGHT people on the job IS.

How true. 



  1. I fully agree with your comment on the 1st issue. No second-guessing your agenda or you’ll find your staff gone before you know it.
    As for the 2nd issue, its quite a disturbing trend in s’pore. We don’t seem to have the time and patience for anyone or anything. Yes, there’s a train disruption…hold on…its not the end of the world !
    As for the 3rd issue, bulls-eye! We said it, but we don’t seem to practise it. Sometimes its just plain bad attitude on the part of these people. Why think when there’re people they can push such tasks to ?

  2. *laugh*

    yar. bundle these people and send them to space.

    just joking… :p

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