Posted by: hyacinthus | October 29, 2007

We can’t do without a Maid!

I took leave and became the Maid for today (an expensive one too!).

My parents are above 60, our previous maid insisted going back to Indonesia to see her mum last Thursday without much notice and the new one would not arrive till 2 weeks later (OMG).

Mum’s sick today, brothers are away and dad’s got work appointments that cannot be cancelled. Getting a temporary maid last minute is not a solution. I had to take leave. Boss was strange to ask if I would like to telecommute from home. How’s that possible when I’m doing housework?

Cleaning our house and doing laundry is definitely no joke especially for someone who has a full-time desk bound job and does not exercise everyday. It’s back-breaking work!

This is worse than going to the gym.

Can you imagine perspiration blurred your vision while you mop the floor or iron the clothes?

I must have sweat buckets today!



  1. lol… it’s good to do housework. save on $$ paid for gym. 🙂

    i have no maid and do all my laundry and sweeping/mopping for the whole house. oh yeah.. havea full-time office job and part time studies to boot.
    oh what would i give to be in your position, you’re so blessed.

  2. Looks like reviews of home cooked food will soon be included on Hyacinthus!

  3. @ciuliu
    That’s tough! When I did my Masters part-time, it was hell for 2 years plus…

    I don’t cook. 😀

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