Posted by: hyacinthus | October 29, 2007

Better to buy HDB flat or Private Property?

We used to stay in Telok Blangah Heights 20 years ago.

Recently, HDB launched a Build-To-Order exercise for Telok Blangah Towers – an integrated development with 400 flats, comprising of 90 Studio Apartments, 100 units of 3-room and 210 units of 4-room Premium flats. That got my brother interested.

Its location is at the junction of Telok Blangah Street 31 and Telok Blangah Drive.

What’s upcoming nearby i.e. MRT stations at Labrador Park and Telok Blangah on the Circle Line as well as direct services to Central Business District really appeals to him. In addition, it’s near his favourite places – VivoCity and Mount Faber.

Someone said to me that buying private property reaps much better returns in the long run.

However, for someone who has just started working, private property is simply not within reach. 

With skyrocketing private property prices (especially so when looking for one near the CBD) and limited CPF savings (just started working not so long ago), my brother has only one choice – HDB flat.

Yet, he would not settle for any HDB flat. Punggol is too far away. Telok Blangah is perfect. Imagine time spent on travelling is translated into quality time!

Here’s the expected seaview and greenery that the future residents will enjoy! Red arrow indicates the location.

I pray hard that my brother and his wife would get a chance to buy a high-floor unit there! 😀




  1. actually i love that site too..
    it’s too bad that ….

  2. … you don’t qualify because of income ceiling?

  3. wah cool… when i graduated 2.5 years later.. is it possible that i buy one flat there? hmm….

  4. if u intend to buy from the secondary market, u need to wait at least 5 years… after the first owners have collected the keys.

    thus, either u apply with another Singaporean (whom you intend to get married to) for a chance NOW or wait much longer than 2.5 years.

    for details on eligibility, do check HDB’s website.

  5. So that you could go up to the unit and take photos of the views? 🙂

  6. that’s a silly reason. Already I can now take pics from a even higher vantage point.

  7. How old is your bro?

    How come he just started working and he’s already married? Shotgun?

  8. ^^
    Comment Tagged for Blogging Talks’ discussion on dealing with types of comments.

  9. hahahaha i don’t know whether i’ll get married to a Singaporean =P we’ll see =P

    how about Singapore PR? hehehe.. I’ll take the permanent residency..

    aiya.. 5 more years… maybe ok lah..

  10. u can refer to HDB’s site to understand the flat eligibility rules 🙂

  11. wow!! The view is Great!! Thank God i got an apartment there. i’ll be staying in the mid level of the 32 storey flat, facing the sea. i really hope its high enough.

    construction is on-going now and im really, really excited. (they are starting to cordon-off the erea only though)14/07/08

    did ur brother get a place there??

  12. u r lucky! nope. my brother’s number was way behind to get a chance. he’s still looking for a flat.

    btw, I’ve started a forum topic on Telok Blangah Towers. The progress will be posted there 🙂

    You are welcome to post too.

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