Posted by: hyacinthus | October 25, 2007

House Maid – Indispensable?

I was supposed to go shopping with my mum this afternoon for her dress – to be worn at my brother’s wedding dinner in December.

But, Leyla wanted to go back to Indonesia today to see her mum before she leaves to work in Dubai. My mum decides to stay at home instead – to do housework.

Who’s Leyla? She’s our house maid (or domestic helper that lives with us).

In my opinion, house maids have become indispensable to most families especially when working couples are away at work and they have children and parents to take care of at home.

Not all retired grandparents are willing to forgo their freedom and take care of grandchildren as there is a growing trend of affluent retirees travelling overseas frequently and have their own interest areas to pursue.

hmm… would you want to take care of your grandchildren in future when you retire?



  1. I wouldn’t mind ^^

    I get to see my loved ones and I can kill time whilst enjoying it too 😀

  2. Your children are lucky that you are willing to take care of their children.

    we’ll probably see less retirees who are willing to spend bulk of their time taking care of grandchildren (and perhaps pets plus housework!) in future with growing affluence and better education.

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