Posted by: hyacinthus | October 24, 2007

Moon Ladder at Labrador Park

Dusk is always beautiful to me. I love the blue hues.

Discovered a nice spot at Labrador Park where you can eat, drink and enjoy sunset, sea and greenery at the same time.

Staircase to Moon Ladder – it’s a challenge to walk on the pebble-filled staircase if you are wearing 4-inches high pencil thin heels. Moon Ladder is above a Chinese Seafood Restaurant that has floor-to-ceiling glass walls and modern furniture.

Furniture at Moon Ladder were placed all at one end facing the sea. There were lots of space for your creativity. It’s probably a suitable place for Dinner and Dance or ROM, if you have a generous budget to do up the place.

But, how do you come to this place? The route to Moon Ladder (Red Heart on the Map) is far away from the main road and is steep. Service 408 only runs on weekend and you need to walk a bit.
Labrador Map

Have you visited Labrador Park yet?

Moon Ladder Bar & Bistro
No.30 Labrador Villa Road
Labrador Nature Reserve
Singapore 119189



  1. my grandad used to stay beside the park. well not exactly beside. there used to be a huge bp gas thingy near the entrance of labrador park. i love the park, but not at night. its creepy.

  2. I remember there were huge BP Gas Tanks in the vicinity. The area has potential to become another Vivocity + Caribbean At Keppel Bay and Reflections combined, especially when the Labrador station is ready in the near future.

    Now, it’s not as creepy as before. With more F&B coming up in the area and park improvements, I do see more cars and people at the park at night. Perhaps, you can bring your wife there one of these days 🙂

  3. Hi do you know the closing time for wkdays n wkend of moon ladder?

  4. Dunno.

    But, you can call them at the number indicated on their website =>

  5. hi, can i know where does service 408 stop at? thanks (:

  6. moon ladder’s service was extremely bad and their food was below par. i would have been better off eating at a nearby hawker

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