Posted by: hyacinthus | October 23, 2007

Would you sit in a dripping bus?

I wonder why buses with serious condensation problems like these were still allowed to service the commuters? Commuters on the other hand had to make do with whatever condition their bus comes in so that they could get to their destination on time.

Condensation problem in TIB 563 A

Buses are one of the basic public transportation mode that most Singaporeans used daily to go to work, school or for leisure. There are spanking new buses being rolled out. But, the numbers built and put on the roads are not enough to replace the old ones.

So, for goodness sake, please do something about the cleanliness and state of these old buses in the meanwhile!



  1. I agree.. Recently I have seen many buses both TIBS and SBSTransit leaking.. There was one which was literally pouring when the bus rolled a little bit… Scary!

  2. I had that bad experience sometime ago on service 195 too. I wonder if bus companies do conduct checks on their buses before running them on the road?

  3. I dont think they check, if they do, would these happen?

  4. I’ve sent my feedback to SMRT and hope they could enlighten us on this 🙂

  5. I was wondering where all that fare hikes go, and your pictures are convincing proof that the additional funds do not go to maintaining the buses in a working condition.

  6. We should not jump into conclusion yet with just a single picture.

    The issue could be addressed if the air-con is turned up to prevent condensation. However, I’m not sure if that will make the bus stuffy on a very hot day?

  7. I’ve received a response from SMRT today.

    Dear Ms Hyacinthus

    We refer to your email dated 24 October 2007.

    We have since informed the depot regarding your feedback and will rectified the mentioned fault. We will also remind the depot to step up on the maintenance checks of our vehicles. In addition, we will advised our service leaders to ensure that all systems are working properly before each duty and to report to depot for any malfunctions.

    We sincerely apologize for the unpleasant ride and thank you for highlighting the incident to us.

    Yours sincerely


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