Posted by: hyacinthus | October 23, 2007

Warm Honey Lemon Can Soothe Sore Throat?

To a certain extent, yes.

But, the effect is temporary for me.

What do you drink or not drink when you have sore throat?



  1. im having a really bad sore throat now! 😦

    i talked for 3.5 consecutive hrs today, teaching tuition to two students (siblings)… so my voice is more or less gone now…

  2. oh dear! u need to rest your voice, avoid cold drinks and sleep early… maybe, a hot honey lemon will help the next morning?

  3. Lots of hot tea and large amounts of Difflam or Strepsils.

  4. someone was telling me tea is too cooling for coughs.

    So, need to be careful…

  5. I usually don’t drink anything, just plain water.

    IMO, it’s the most effective and healthiest drinki to cure coughs.

  6. my throat is really sore i cant even move my jaw to talk.i started to drimk ginger ale and it helped alot bubbly stuff like sprite and ginger ale help sooth ur throat.


  7. lol i lost my voice at a concert and it hurts so so much and ive been trying to find some stuf to sooth the throut but nothing yett

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