Posted by: hyacinthus | October 22, 2007

S$12.80 for a teeny weeny crab?

These sawaganis or river crabs are best eaten deep-fried and lightly salted.  

Don’t think I would bear to eat it. 

Small Crabbie says “I’m too cute to be eaten lah!



  1. Can’t really visualize how small the crabs are as there is nothing to compare it against ? Maybe you could hold out your hand near it next time so that we can get a better idea on how tiny it is ?

  2. Look at the information card in the first picture to compare for a rough idea. these sawaganis are only about 2cm in width.

    If still can’t visualize, go to meidiya supermarket, Kuriya or any high-end Japanese restaurant to see one 😉

  3. From the picture that was zoomed in…

    The crab’s eyes looked like it was crying. Like it was trying to tell us “don’t eat me, throw me back into the river” 😦

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