Posted by: hyacinthus | October 19, 2007

Where’s People’s Park Complex?

A common question among Tourists and Singaporeans who were unfamiliar with the buildings in Chinatown – Where is People’s Park Complex?

It’s the one in biggest red circle.

Map from SLA.

Despite its loud contrasting colours and red words, nobody seems to know for sure which building along Eu Tong Sen Street is People’s Park Complex. The red words when translated to English – literally means Pearl’s Centre / Square. However, Pearl’s Centre is another building along the same street. Confusing isn’t it?

Do you know the red words on the building was added later?

On 5 Jan 2005 – no red Chinese words yet.

Remembered how a group of Singapore skyscrapercity forumers went up this building to hear the loud crackling sound of firecrackers on that day. haha… we were on the wrong building to see firecrackers in action.

See the crowd!

Lighted up!

Aftermath… Smoky!

Contrasting view of tall skyscrapers and short shophouses.

hmm… come to think of it, Chinese New Year’s coming in less than 4 months’ time and very soon it’ll be over.

Don’t let time pass just like that.

Plan, Divide and Conquer! :p


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