Posted by: hyacinthus | October 18, 2007

Traditional Peanut Pancake

… or Mee Chiang Kueh.

Whichever way you call it, this is the best I’ve eaten so far (and it’s vegetarian).

See its accolades!

My favourite part is always the corner cos I like more of the crisp part. A piece costs S$0.70

Peanut sandwiched between 2 layers of hot and soft kueh. Breakfast anyone?

Best eaten while it’s still hot! 🙂

Frankie’s Peanut Pancake
121 Telok Ayer Street (his namecard says so!)
Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm



  1. yum yum!

    Have you thot of doin ur own web-book of makansutra?

    call it Complex Cuisines, Simple Reviews! haha

  2. *laugh*

    isn’t this blog like one already? 🙂

  3. aaah… this looks so much like sweet martabak (aka terang bulan) in indonesia! but we have more variation… the fillings can be chocolate, cheese plus condensed milk, etc…

  4. I think it’s similar to Martabak Manis.

    There’re also other flavours (and different forms)besides peanut in Singapore.

    But, this is a traditional stall that only sells peanut pancake 🙂

  5. hey hey… do you know where to get good martabak manis in singapore? 🙂

  6. dear friend,

    think i can’t help you. unless someone sets up a stall in Singapore… :p

    Just did a quick comparison on their differences in ingredients and think the taste would probably be quite different given that there’s no coconut milk and less sugar in the traditional peanut pancake’s thick crepe.

    Maybe, someone can ride on the idea and set up a stall in Singapore and make it as popular as donuts! ;D


  7. I was there this afternoon. and was shock that the stall is no longer there…. Anyone know where it moved to?

  8. Hi!

    I came across this blog and would like to inform u guys that there is Martabak Manis in Spore! Yes we are Indonesians and finally set up a cafe with many authentic Indo food, including Martabak Manis! YEAY!! 😀

    You can buy this so called Martabak Manis at Jtown Cafe. Located at Midpoint Mall, Orchard Road. At the basement. Very near to Burger King Midpoint. The mall itself is next to John Little Somerset.

    For pics, you can visit my blog:

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