Posted by: hyacinthus | October 17, 2007

Singapore’s Modern Bus Stop

An overview of how a modern bus stop looks.

Basic shelter made of sturdy and non-corrosive material.

It has a stable bin that would not topple like the green plastic ones, a sign to label the bus stop uniquely – B08 on Holland Road, lights, seats (hate those slanted at an angle. Good thing I have long legs to reach the ground. Wonder who designed and who approved it?), bollards to reduce impact of vehicles that went out of control, bus services information board, advertisement board by Clear Channel and a Bus Services Sign Post.

Zooming in.

The bin with an ash tray.

High seats at a slanted angle that’s slippery to sit on and difficult to balance if you have short legs.

Advertisement Board that can scroll sometimes.


Bus Services Sign Post

Bus services information board (this is more useful than those real-time bus arrival information display panels that tells you the approximate arrival time of your bus) and a no smoking sign. The placement of the information board should allow more standing and bending space so that people can bend to read the service routes at the bottom easily.

Talking about no-smoking sign. Its placement in this bus stop (in front of Youth Park) is as good as telling people to ignore it.

At the same bus stop, it had a Key Bus Services Map. This is mainly for the tourists.

Do you think our bus stops have improved significantly over the years?



  1. yes it has improved. but unfortunately, not all busstops are given a new look. might be based on human traffic, well maybe.

    have a good day!

  2. im surprised how u took the time to take the whole profile of the busstop.

  3. too bored waiting for bus 174.

    nobody’s at the bus stop anyway.

  4. Your photos are very clear, I like them. How did you do it?

  5. Thanks!

    don’t just take what you see. Observe first.

    Is there right amount of light and where’s the direction of light source?

    Also, photograph the subject in different angles and perspective to try (that’s the good thing about digital – can preview and delete).

    ND Filter or polariser may help if u use a DSLR. Alternatively, use a reasonably good P&S camera and forget about filters.

    Stable hands and tripod (if u are serious about taking good clear pictures) also helps.

    Finally, curve adjustment in Adobe Photoshop or (if u don’t have Photoshop or $$$) and sharpen or unsharpen it to get the right amount of sharpness you want. Don’t overdo the adjustment though. Otherwise, it’ll look unnatural.

    I use Nikon D80 (there’s also in camera sharpening feature – but i don’t use) and Fujifilm F31fd if you would like to know.

  6. Hi,

    I would like to use your photo of the bus-stop with an advertisement. Could you email me so I can provide more details? Thanks!

  7. hi, do you got pic of past bus stop design in Singapore? like those in old days without any shelter, just the bus service sign post? if you have do you mind mailing it to me 😀 thnx

    • Hi,

      if u use the picture as it is, it’s FOC.

      if u need the original, I charge. S$50 per pic 🙂

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