Posted by: hyacinthus | October 17, 2007

Leash or not to Leash?

I often see a maid walking this (lethargic-looking, mild-mannered and friendly) dog.

Today, it’s not leashed. The maid was about 6m in front. It ambled his way to a man waiting at the bus stop to lick him. Good thing the man isn’t afraid of it.

Then, it sashayed past me. What a nice shiny coat 🙂

We have seen in a recent report how an irresponsible dog owner unleashed her Siberian Husky on a beach and got herself and the dog into trouble.

Do you think dogs (regardless of age, size or character) when they are out of the house should or should not be leashed?



  1. As much as I’d like to say friendly and well tamed dogs can go around unleashed, Singapore society is such that doing so would create too much problems.

    I have never been in any country where so many people are so deathly afraid of dogs. Cats can roam freely, so can humongous rats. But the minute someone sees the tiniest and friendliest of dogs, they shriek and make a fuss.

    So, in Singapore … stick to the leash. It’s not worth the trouble.

  2. To Leash…agreed

  3. @Health Nut
    Rats are not pets and they should be exterminated!

    Cats (apart from Tigers, Cheetahs etc) do not attack human or like to play alot like dogs do and… nobody walks a cat, right?

    I agree to leash regardless cos there are individuals who are afraid of animals like dogs and Muslims are not allowed to touch a dog. We need to be responsible and respect the rights of each individual.

    My Shih Tzu is small and obedient but I still leash it when I walk him. cos he might dash across the road and getting himself killed.

    I love him and would not want to see that happen.

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