Posted by: hyacinthus | October 16, 2007

A Week of Juicy News for 30cents Nightly!

SPH revamped their Lianhe Wanbao and started a week of cheap promotional pricing at S$0.30 per copy starting yesterday.

How did I know?

My mum.

She half-jokingly demanded for the papers when I stepped into the house after work yesterday.

I was wondering – since when did she ask me to buy a copy for her? Anyway, she had her papers yesterday and I’m tasked to get her a week’s supply of juicy news nightly!

So, here goes… for her entertainment. I think is good to make her read and do something.

Have you read it yet? 🙂



  1. Claud’s Dad was complaining that there’s nothing to read in the newly revamped paper. Claud’s Mum said there’s so many things to read and scolded Claud’s Dad. Claud heard about this and commented that Claud’s Dad should just call SPH to complain, like what Claud’s Dad did few months back when he spotted something amiss in the papers.

  2. haha… 见人见志 🙂

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