Posted by: hyacinthus | October 15, 2007

Black Pig at Tomton

Pooh squeezed a little time out to bring me to Tomton, Clarke Quay Central for a quick dinner before going home to pack then rush to KL this evening. It’ll be another 2 or so weeks without him.

Tomton is a Japanese restaurant that serves black pig (or black pork?).

Their menu is heavy cos they use some kind of heavy wood with scent as the menu cover. The scent reminds me of my stay at Teddy Bear Resort in East of Taiwan.

Hmm… what to eat?

We ordered a Katsu Don (S$19.80) and a Kim Chi Bimbimba (S$18.80).

Complimentary green tea was served.

The restaurant has 2 parts – one side has a warmer cosy ambience with compartments while another side is bright and facing Clarke Quay riverside. We sat in a cosy compartment. This is the bar counter.

I pointed out to Pooh that their pig is free from stress (unlike him). He commented that it probably did till the day it was about to be slaughtered. hmmm…

My salad was served first. The service staff told me that I could add sour plum or tonkatsu sauce on it.

So, I decorated my salad with the sauces and tasted.

OMG! The sour plum sauce is really SOUR! I didn’t finish it and left it aside.

Then, came my piping hot Kim Chi Bimbimba in a hot stone bowl and soup.


It tasted refreshing. Not like the usual miso soup. Quite like it. In fact, I drank it all.

Mix the rice with a spoon.

Rice is still wet after mixing.

There is only a few miserable pieces of black pork to see and taste. But, there’s lots of kim chi cabbage making it really sourish. Mixing it with the salad tasted better. I think the portion is huge. Probably, good for 2-3 to share with some side dishes.

Finally, after 20min or so, his Katsu Don (with the same soup I was having) arrived! 

He finished it pretty fast. So, I think this should taste better than mine.

The dessert is 3 pieces of watermelon.

Total bill is S$45.45 inclusive of the usual 10% service charge and 7% GST. If I would to come back again, I’ll probably order some of these and the orange dessert (shown in pic #2 above).

The way out of Central from the 5th floor carpark was a challenge. The sharp turning down round and round to level one was dizzy…

btw, seen a black pig before? I took a picture of it in Korea last year 🙂

Our naughty Korean tour guide told us black pig eats shit – after we had a meal of it :p

Central Tomton
6 Eu tong Seng Street
#03-88/99 Singapore 059817
Tel: 6327-7887



  1. Oh I love love love the teacups with the painted flower inside. Makes it look as though the tea was brewed fresh in the cup.

    Who care what the pig ate, as long as you didn’t eat pig stomach and pig intestine. Er, did you?

  2. I don’t eat internals of any animal.

  3. I do! PIg intestines is yummy 😀

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