Posted by: hyacinthus | October 14, 2007

Where’s Rakuichi in Tanglin Village?

It’s at Blk 10. Driving into Tanglin Village on a blazing HOT day!

Where were we lunching today?


Simply had to try its food ever since that good-looking Japanese man asked me where’s Rakuichi at the carpark near Ben & Jerry in Tanglin Village that night. It must be damn GOOD. Otherwise, who would (in the right frame of mind) come to such a ulu (meaning “inaccessible”) place at night searching specifically for that restaurant?

Here’s the main entrance.

They have a good selection of Japanese food and wine. But, we are simple folks. So, the basic instinct is to look for set lunch. Let’s see. What’s good for today’s lunch?

My parents and brother ordered Set A (S$21.60++) while I had Set C (S$28.60++).

Room ambience and what’s on the table.

We were given green tea and hot towels to refresh.

Radish and Dried Young Sardine Salad? I didn’t taste sardines. Mum says it’s salty though.

Set C was served to me first.

Zooming into each dish…

Steamed Vegetables – Carrot, Baby Corn, French Beans & Pumpkin

Deep-fried Softshell crab and Tempura Vegetables

Grilled Codfish with Teriyaki Sauce

Seaweed and Sashimi – Salmon, Tuna and something I’m not sure of… red and chewy – tastes like sotong… Like that lemon taste on the sashimi.

Set A – Salmon sashimi missing?!

Oh… there it is.

The complete set! My mum made a remark here – that I have trained my dad to wait for me to take pictures first before tucking in… hee… 😉

Homemade Sesame Ice-cream. I’m surprised my brother dislikes black sesame ice-cream. My parents and I enjoyed it.

The service staff gave us new cups of tea and another round of warm towels after the meal. Guess what? Tea and towels are complimentary (or at least it’s not in the bill). UOB card members have 10% discount on the set lunches too. Total bill came up to S$98.90 after discount.

Overall, we like the food experience and ambience at Rakuichi. They have friendly staff and private rooms too.

Would we want to come back here again? Yes!

The only complaint is having to sit in a heated up car after lunch. Ouch!

Location is where the red heart is.

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
10 Dempsey Road #01-22
Singapore 247700
Tel: 6474 2143
Fax: 6474 2368



  1. wow, sounds like a great place, pretty affordable too.

    u really take such yummilicious pics of FOOD! haha..

  2. I was worried about the prices too as I had offered to treat so that my parents would agree to lunch there.

    To my surprise, there’re options and my parents treated instead.

    Food and presentation is good too. Presentation of food is also important to make a meal more enjoyable.

    Thanks for coming by! 🙂

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