Posted by: hyacinthus | October 13, 2007

Semi Buffet Dinner at Café 2000

The restaurant was full when we arrived. The waitress was friendly. So, we decided to wait.  Table was available 15min later.

The Semi Buffet Dinner menu

October Main Courses

  • Deconstruct double rib of lamb with cassoulet of summer beans and vegetable, smoked salmon and rosemary
  • Fillet of beef rossini, potato gallettes with a delicate summer bean brew
  • Pan roasted breast of corn-fed chicken with wilted baby spinach, sauteed duck foie gras and smashed beans
  • Oven roasted striped bass cod wrapped in panchetta, summer beans and cheese ravioli, bourigoule vinaigrette
  • Squid ink linguine, konbu and vietnamese mint flavoured seafood stew   

We ordered chicken and beef before checking out the buffet.

Pooh said it’s fried salmon soup. But, I think it’s just normal fried fish soup. 

Sushi and Salmon

Baby Lobster, Conto and an unknown shellfish that was too chewy.

Don’t like the one with crab claws – too dry. Scallop on Mango Sauce was nice. Salmon and Mushroom Salad

Prawn salad.

Main course came after 15min.

He didn’t have much to say about the chicken. Probably too tired. Slept at 4am last night.

Portion is good for big eaters.

Potato was hidden underneath. Was surprised to taste foie gras among the beans.


Conto, Mussel, Oyster, Steam Live Prawns, Baby Lobsters and other shellfish


Fruits and Desserts

Chocolate fountain and more desserts


Marshmallow coated with chocolate sauce, durian paste (erm… okay but not the best) and black forest cake. I like the idea to cut the cakes into bite-size.

Fruits and Tapioca Kueh. Can you identify the odd one out?

Cost? S$35++ per adult. S$17.50++ per child. S$2.50 parking fee. I heard from their staff that credit card discounts not available on eve and Public Holdays.

M Hotel Singapore
Café 2000
81 Anson Road
Singapore 079908
Tel: 6500 6112

Café 2000 serves dinner from 6.30pm to 11pm daily.



  1. Poor guy! having to sleep at 4am in the morning and yet still kept you company the next night:-). M sure he loves you very much.

  2. I know… wish we could have more quality time together.

    Well, at least I treat for this meal 😉

  3. Would like to ask.. what actually is a semi buffet dinner?

  4. Desserts and appertizers are part of the buffet spread. Mains are served only once.

    Thus, the term semi-buffet lunch.

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