Posted by: hyacinthus | October 12, 2007

Walk 2km to Collect Women10k Pack

Pooh was still stuck in his corporate planning workshop and I need a walk to burn off what I ate during lunch (why did I eat so much!). 

Also, to collect the Women10k pack for the 5-km race I signed up for.

This is roughly the 2km route I’ve took this evening.

On my way near Lau Pa Sat, I was puzzled why there were people running with dogs. A pet race that I’m not aware of? That’s Fiona Xie wearing a white cap in the pic, btw.

Following one of the participants with a white dog, I saw more people running in opposite direction.

Do you know what’s the race?


A hint here – See the white hats with black horns worn by the participants?

It’s the Bull Run 2007 organized by Singapore Exchange (SGX).

The queue for collection of Women10k pack at Millenia Walk was long but it cleared pretty fast.

These are the stuff collected – Gym Bag, Adidas T’Shirt, Race Bib, Nestle Breakfast Cereal, wrist band, Cleo Mag (Sep) etc..

Looking forward to the race! 🙂

I met Pooh later at 8pm and had semi-buffet dinner at Cafe 2000.

Guess what? Whatever I’ve burned was put back again!


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