Posted by: hyacinthus | October 12, 2007

Feasting at Maxwell

Stall No. 5 Foochow Oyster Cake

Not for the health conscious cos it’s deep fried. I’ve never eaten this before and in the last 7 years working in the vicinity. Tried today. It’s really good. Wouldn’t mind eating it again… some other day. S$1.50 or S$2 per piece depending if you prefer more oysters or not. They should try to do a bake version for the health conscious.

Stall No. 57 Popiah Rojak

Saw a queue for its popiah and the minimum order for tau pok is 4. So, I ordered rojak at S$3 per box. It contains green mango slices and tasted okay to me. I would recommend the rojak stall at Empress Road Food Centre at S$2 per box for about the same amount (no green mango slices). It uses fresh dough fritters and the mixture tastes better than this. The uncle that sells rojak at Empress Road Food Centre looks like Lin Zi Xiang and he’s very friendly 🙂

Stall No. 92 Nan Hai Lotus Claypot Rice

Claypot rice without claypot tastes wet. I ordered a boneless chicken claypot chicken rice for takeaway at S$4. If you eat there, they will give you free soup and a mentos sweet. Mentos sweet? Does that ring a bell? Yes, this stall is also part of Tiong Bahru Chicken Rice franchise. 😉

There is generous servings of chicken, a mushroom and some slices of lap cheong in there. I could taste salted egg in the rice. Overall, I wouldn’t mind eating it again – but it would be in a claypot next time.

Forgotten the stall number – it sells bean curd and grass jelly desserts too.

Lychee Drink at S$1.50 – There were 5 lychees. I love lychees!

Now, what did you eat for lunch? 🙂


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