Posted by: hyacinthus | October 12, 2007

Explosion at McCallum Street!

We were in a discussion before lunch when a loud explosion was heard. All we saw was smoke and had ignore it as we thought was fumigation at the Clift construction site and explosion sound could be the demolition of Asia Chambers building.

But, at 2.30pm, I saw fire engines, a police car and an ambulance at McCallum Street.

What had happened?

Zoom in – Explosion in 7-eleven?

not sure…

What had happened?

Edit at 5:30pm – It seems that there are casualties in a demolition accident.

Latest Pics on 12 Oct 2007

At 3.16pm

At 5.30pm – the last casualty is probably found cos door to the demolition site was closed.

STOMP also carries a similar report.

btw, what’s the history behind McCallum Street?

McCallum Street is named after Major Sir Henry Edward McCallum (b. 28 October 1852, Yeovil, Somersetshire, England – d. 24 November 1919, England), a colonial official. While serving in Singapore as a colonial engineer in the 1890s, he designed the National Museum. In 1895, McCallum Street, then a new street, was declared a public street.

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  1. cool! hya*cinthus, you could have send your article and photos to to be the citizen reporter!

  2. I just happened to be working nearby.

    A Chinese man died in the demolition accident.

    Guess is just an accident waiting to happen? Natwest demolition was top down. But Asia Chambers was top-down and at the same time, there were works as well on ground floor!

    I felt sorry for the casualty’s family.

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