Posted by: hyacinthus | October 11, 2007

Halal Curry Chicken Bun

Was at Icon Village and bought halal chicken curry with bread (or rice) at S$3.90 or S$5 plus 1 can of Coke to take away from Take 5! (by Old Chang Kee).

Chicken curry and bread bowl are packed separately. Bread tasted like those traditional “pointed head bread” (loose translation from how it sounds in Hokkien – chiam tao lo ti).

Pour curry into the bread bowl…

Curry was sufficient to go with bread unless you drink curry too :p

Verdict? It’s value for money and not too oily. They should give harder plastic fork and spoon. Fork broke when I tried to eat the chicken. However, it would be better if they baked the potato (use russet) before cooking it in curry. (maybe, I’ll tell William. I’ve ever emailed to Old Chang Kee to seek Halal certification for their curry puffs so that I could treat my Muslim friends and they did it!)

hmm… I don’t mind eating it again though it’s not the best curry I’ve ever eaten (and it’s not available for sale!)



  1. wow a new product?
    im a sucker for chang kee’s sotong sticks!

  2. it’s been around for at least 2 years? 😉

  3. what?!

  4. I believe the first branch of Take 5! is at Robinsons Road next to Yakun.

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