Posted by: hyacinthus | October 10, 2007

La Cantina in Idly Changi Village Hotel

We were already at Changi Airport Terminal 2 and I turned to Pooh.

“Hee… Shall we go to Changi Village Hotel‘s Italian restaurant for dinner?”

“Really? Okay. I was thinking about it too”

Rarely, he would say okay to my suggestions. I have yet able to persuade him to try some places like restaurants at Jewel box. He said parking is a big headache. Oh well.

On the way, he showed me the brown signages showing direction to Downtown East along the same road (can’t remember the road name). It was confusing cos they were pointing in opposite directions. But, he doesn’t stop for me to take pictures.

“How can I stop in the middle of the road for you to take pictures. It’s too dangerous!” :p

Anyway, back to La Cantina In Venezia where we had our dinner.

I didn’t realise that the prices have increased over the years (no GST though) when we ordered. The prices that we paid for our dinner and those shown on website are different. I’ll indicate the price difference in bracket later.

The alfresco area at night

Cakes and Fruit Sorbets – Sorbets are frozen in real fruits. Looks interesting but I had no space for desserts.

Pepsi or Pepsi Light at S$3.80 + 10% (No change in price)

Bread to go with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar (FOC)

Mushroom Cream Soup S$8.90 (+S$2.40) – I find it too creamy

Scampi Appetizer S$25.90 + 10% (seasonal) – yummy! Taste was memorable. But, not recommended for those who has seafood allergy. Its reaction is probably worse than eating prawns.

Penne Scallop S$23.90 + 10% (+S$1) – Okay lah…

Cotolette Alla Bolognese – i.e. baked pork with bolognese sauce topped with cheese S$28.90 + 10% (+S$3)


sideview – I like the cheese part

Rewind to 2005, we shared a pizza and soup during the day at La Cantina. Can’t remember the name of the soup and pizza.

Reading papers and sipping Italian soda or watching golfers putting at a nearby golf course…

…or count the number of aeroplanes fly by

Blue skies and not so blue sea

Alfresco area – they have changed the tables and chairs

Fly back to 2007 – Nice toilets 🙂

Hotel’s swimming pool outside the restaurant

No dining promotion with any credit cards and parking at the hotel is S$3 per entry after 6pm on weekdays. So, do your calculations. You might want to park at nearby HDB carpark and walk over.

Thought of the day: S$2 is savings to some while insignificant to others.



  1. The Cotolette looks devilishly inviting… *slurp*

  2. Looks like a nice place 🙂

    The cotolette looks really yumch! Too bad I cant eat it! 😛

  3. @Mr Eviokix
    Yes… I snitched some to try… haha…

    You can change meat in the recipe and try it for yourself. Then, it will be halal 🙂

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