Posted by: hyacinthus | October 8, 2007

Rabbit Ramly Burger?

I love rabbits. Why would I want to eat them?

Have you tried a Ramly burger before? Ladyla ordered a beef Ramly burger for me and here’s a step-by-step pictorial spread of how a Ramly burger is prepared.

I was surprised that Ramly burger is available with the following choices – Chicken, Beef, Prawn, Fish, Deer and Rabbit. Rinaz has a blog entry on how it’s prepared too 🙂



  1. This is such an elaborate burger!!! Gonna beat Carl’s Jr handsdown. 😀

  2. These rabbit ramly burgers are available in locally?

  3. don’t think so.

    they only have chicken, fish and beef at the bazaar (unless I missed one). probably, there isn’t demand for it in Singapore?

  4. I hate to break this to you, but I am a Ramlee Burger connoisseur. None of the burgers I have tasted in Singapore are as good as the ones I’ve had on road sides in Malaysia. I think different sauces are used in different countries.


  5. I agree with you. Somewhat the sauce used is better in Malaysia and there are more choices. I’ve tried once in Malaysia and think the one that I’ve had at the bazaar is really nothing in comparison 🙂

    pictures are to show the steps how the burger is prepared 😉

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