Posted by: hyacinthus | October 7, 2007

Chu Kee Cuisine and Hwaseong Grapes

Pooh came over to have dinner with me. So, I suggested we walk over to Chu Kee Cuisine.

Fried Oyster Omelette S$10 + 10% Service Charge

Very good. I’ll recommend everyone who likes oyster omelette to try this.

Fried Garlic Chicken S$18 + 10% Service Charge


Some parts of the chicken is good and some parts overly cooked (too dry). Paper-thin skin. 

I’ve tried Chef Chan‘s Crispy Roast Chicken (He has closed his restaurant at Odeon Tower on 27 May 2007 – gone into private dining instead). This is only like 40% likeness to that.

Silky Egg Custard With Fresh Milk S$2.50 + 10% Service Charge

Their food and prices are good for weekend family dinner. Also, there’re ample parking lots in the HDB estate.

Chu Kee Cuisine
Blk 3 Queens Road #02-171
Singapore 260003
Tel: 6475-9335
Fax: 6476-3854

Korean Hwaseong grapes

After dinner, I bought Hwaseong grapes at NTUC for S$4.99

These grapes smell and tastes somewhat like the Kyoho grapes. However, Kyoho grapes are bigger and does not have slight sourish taste to it. Also, there’re seeds in each grape.

I like the wine-like scent.



  1. i bought the same grapes too.. love it 🙂

  2. The food looks delicious. So does the grapes. I’m sure you must’ve enjoyed the company too 🙂

  3. @Eileen & Lawrence
    I like the grapes too 🙂

    Yes. Company is good.

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