Posted by: hyacinthus | October 6, 2007

The Cookie Museum

These days when I see an URL on a namecard, I would expect a working site – especially from a food place.

Before Tunglok has its current site, I emailed to its executive chairman and commented that its former website was not helpful and did not do justice to the food his restaurants serve. Though, I did not receive any reply, the website was revamped months later.

This is The Cookie Museum (formerly Tea Room) at Esplanade. We were served by a friendly sales lady who told us The Cookie Museum is a local company and they do their own R&D and baking in a kitchen in Esplanade too.


Photography is not allowed as I was told. So, that was a quick stolen shot behind her back when she was processing my bill. Don’t expect too much.

Taken off Esplanade website about The Cookie Museum – Indulge in the magical feel of old-world traditions with a cosmopolitan touch in The Cookie Museum’s charming European-style setting. Pamper yourself with our Royal Trolley Services, scrumptious European Liqueur Teacakes and a premium collection of exquisitely-flavoured cookies.

We sampled their cookies (sample size were cute! however, they only sell big ones) and decided to buy some home. I bought 4 tins for S$116. Three tins were pre-orders for Chinese New Year.

The paper bag.

Their namecards.

Don’t think I can finish all the biscuits myself, so I only brought 1 tin home – Madeleine Rose (S$28 per tin)

The contents in the tin.

Closer look at the cookies. These eggless, milkless and low sugar cookies will leave a lingering rose scent in your mouth when eaten. I would also recommend Cran Lychee (S$30 per tin and is not available in store. need to pre order) and Swadilo Mawa (S$30 per tin and contains lotus seed). They have localised their cookies with flavours like Hae Bee Hiam (S$28 per tin), Nasi Lemak and Ikan Bilis as well.

and… btw, visit The Cookie Museum and you’ll see what I meant in the first paragraph.

8 Raffles Avenue
Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
Tel: 6333 1965

Operating Hours:
Sun-Thu: 12.30am – 10.30pm
Fri-Sat: 1pm – 11.30pm



  1. Hihi. I chanced upon your blog through Just want to say hi.

    And the cookie Musuem sounds yummy… like cookie monster’s fav hangout. And btw, if you’re keen to earn some bucks from reviewing, do drop by


  2. hi!

    no… i’m not cookie monster. but, i do like their unique flavours. these are usually given as corporate gifts… guess most people would not pay that much for cookies.

    thanks for the info.

  3. No lor, I know people who pay that much for their cookies, and bought ten over tins for herself!

    Anyway, their cookies are very tasty, but my personal opinion is that the ones with a local twist, taint their reputation. I tried the Hae Bee Hiam one and that’s it! No more!!

  4. probably, she has too much disposable income, wants to expand horizontally and likes the free cheese cookies or tea for every 10 tins purchased.

    not so keen to buy so many cookies. who to eat? I’ll rather spend S$300 on L’Occitane products 😀

    really? I like the hae bee hiam. in fact, i ordered that for CNY 😉

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  6. Hi, Im a Business student doing a research on unique franchises. Do you do franchising?

  7. nope.

  8. What are the price ranges of the cookies?

  9. between S$28 – S$33 per tin.

  10. […] I managed to google a couple of posts by fellow bloggers about the place. You can read it here and here […]

  11. this ‘museum’ gave a unique evening. the tea was nice. a nice atmosphere too…

  12. Thank you for your post. Can you please tell me which floor the shop is on in the Esplanade Mall? (What does #1/02-4 mean exactly?)

  13. I was just there yesterday, 4 Jan 09. I tried the white lotus tea & a salmon quiche. It was good. Also sample some cookies. I was told they are revising the prices of the cookies after 16 Jan 2009. Please buy or order yours before this date.

  14. Hi all ,

    you all write about the Cookies at the cookie museum. do someone know where are they produced?

    • They are produced in Singapore 🙂

  15. Sorry for my grammar mistakes:-)

  16. I know that they are produced in Singapore, do you know where exactly? Where are y o u from?

    • At Esplanade. Their kitchen is within the shop in Esplanade.

      Other specialities? Mainly cookies and tea.

      I’m Singaporean 🙂

  17. and do you know other gastronomic specialities from there

  18. Oh than may be see you in a few weeks, I´m travelling to Singapore in juin…

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