Posted by: hyacinthus | October 6, 2007

Cow & Coolies Budget Accomodation

Looks like a good deal for backpackers. S$22 per bed in an air-con room and there’s free internet usage.  Also, get to experience how it’s like staying in a shophouse where coolies onced lived. However, how did cows come into the picture?

Furthermore, there’s lots of food in this area – Chinese, Indian and Malay food. Even at 3am, you can get food in the 24-hour coffeeshops nearby. 

Chinatown station is about 5-min walk and you can start touring once you step out of this backpackers’ inn.

Haven’t seen the interior though. It doesn’t have a website like the Inncrowd Backpackers Hostel in Little India or Fernloft in Chinatown / East Coast so that we can have a glimpse of how the rooms/beds are like.



  1. Would like to know how the inside looks like though, I’ve been exploring some places in Singapore and some of them are quite creepy to say the least.

    I cant really judge websites as what they look like for real can be quite misleading from the pics

  2. actually to stay at these kind of places.. u need to b tolerant of low-quality (aka) budget accomodation. u cannot expect too much lah! if ure the kind who needs a bath tub, ensuite toilet or privacy, this is not for u haha. if u need a place that is completely clean n spotless, its also not for u.

    cozy house at bugis (opp mos burger at bugis junction) only costs abt $15 per bed per nite. its alright lah. v convenient location but the customer service sucks. i stayed there before due to some reasons i shall not reveal haha!

  3. perhaps, one way is to check if the inn or hostel is licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) or not for adherence to fire safety and cleanliness etc. 🙂

  4. does anyone know any nice and clean boutique inn/hotel in Singapore that cost less than S$200/ night??

  5. for that amount, you definitely can get something decent to stay in 🙂

  6. This Cow and Coolie is not a place to recommend… people staying inside are all not decent and the boss itself (opps sorry I classified as it) is a real BEAST.. It’s a pervert, Its EXTREMELY dangerous for ladies to stay there because its very desperate of ladies be it age, looks, size etc etc…. even girls more boyish is also ok for it..
    To add on, it employed 3-4 very very big sized men to look after the place.. To stay in this kind of place, if anything happened, no one can help u, it will be too late even for police…

  7. No BREEDING!!! The people who work here especially the long haired voluptous caretaker is so rude. She laughs so loud and giggles so irritatingly while webcam chatting with an old caucasian man. I swear, slitting my wrists would feel so much better compared to trying to catch some good night sleep on this HELL of a HOSTEL. Its a shame coz I am Filipino too but I cannot make her mouth stop because she’s a ghetto-uneducated kind of person.

  8. I know the boss. and i agree. i frequent the pub right below C&C very often with my dyke friends. so its pretty safe for me. but the men there. horrible!

  9. what i can say is, dont bother staying there if you r a girl.

  10. this backpackers inn and also cow & coolies fuck also the fucking old pervert owner if i were you dont stay there because i experience staying there it’s not good 4 am you can hear loud music and ppl yeling in the pub because the old fucking pervert owner always thinking money not the tenants sleeping upstair

  11. Why this pub hire an elderly waitress (like gossiping to my friend and made us quarrel) and a heart exploding security guard. The elderly waitress always delete customers’ songs this is an act of inconsideration.

    The guard’s good friend told another customer to about me. And this customer followed me out of the pub which scare the hell out of me. Because this customer was proposed sex.

    WARNING!!! It is not safe there.

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