Posted by: hyacinthus | October 4, 2007

No Thoroughfare No Loitering

I’m sure this side of Wisma Atria is familiar to everyone. 

since the construction of ion orchard, ever wonder where do foreign maids now go for picnic on their Sunday off?

this gives u some clue. some were “loitering” (having a picnic) on the left side of this gate. if u can spot it, a security officer is walking towards our direction…

guess they need some space for interaction. however, businesses need to upkeep an image in Orchard Road.

but, where can they go? residential estates? where there are empty fields or on SLA land?

what do you think?

btw, you know what’s no thoroughfare? 😉

Edit: Just passed by Wisma Atria and saw the barricades were pushed to aside. Perhaps, the road is only blocked on Sunday?



  1. means like.. it doesnt lead anywhere. end of the road. rite? haha. i think so.

    anyways… u really do take such wonderful pics 🙂 addicted to ur blog already.

  2. something like that. wonder why can’t they say it in simpler terms? something that the target audience would understand.

    Thanks Daphne. 🙂

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