Posted by: hyacinthus | October 4, 2007

Crows Congregation in Orchard Road

While I was waiting at the traffic lights near Orchard Building towards Takashimaya’s direction, I heard loud incessant chirping noise up in the trees. When I looked up, there was a large flock of crows flying across from one tree to another.

This tree is next to Meritus Mandarin Hotel. As I could only zoom that much and it’s not possible to take an overview of what’s happening, I’m unable to show the number of crows in context. Based on what I could see, there’re at least 50 of them.

Why is there a sudden crow population increase in Orchard Road?

I hope NEA could do something about it before the crows start to attack people in Orchard Road.



  1. ha… you also notice them? scary, isn’t it?

    they’re not only near the meritus mandarin, but everywhere now! paragon, park hotel, etc… sometimes you can see a flock of crows flying from one tree to another… that looks really scary…

    i think their habitat used to be the trees near the parking lot just beside what used to be ‘The Specialist’ (John Little). They were concentrated there before. I always avoided that area whenever I walked in orchard… It’s easy to avoid cos they used to be in one area only.

    However, after the trees in that area were cut down to make way for construction… the crows finally moved… and now they were flying around in orchard area… even covering bigger area than before!

    I hope the authority would do something about it…

  2. so i see… it was due to construction of new shopping centres at Somerset.

    I’ve never really noticed their existence near Somerset station before.

    I wonder if the crows had a successful migrant campaign? How did they increase their population so quickly? 😉

    I’ve feedback to NEA yesterday night 🙂

  3. NEA has acted on it and replied today. Hopefully, there are less crows now. 🙂

    Here’s an extract of the reply

    … we have immediately activated our crow shooters upon receipt. They have shot down 5 crows & destroyed 1 nest at the Somerset area last week. Nevertheless, we will monitor the crow situation there closely. For any information, kindly contact …

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