Posted by: hyacinthus | October 2, 2007

Chong Pang City?

Wonder why is there a Chinese-like structure in Yishun? What is the history of Chong Pang City

Who is this guy?

Even its community club is called Chong Pang. Why Chong Pang? Is it named after a person?

Have the bird lovers moved from Tiong Bahru Bird Arena to Yishun too?

Who knows the story of how Chong Pang City comes about?



  1. in yishun the chances of people knowing what or who is Chong Pang are rather slim… most likely they will know Ah Dong better… he’s very popular in Chong Pang 🙂

  2. who is Ah Dong?

  3. Ah Dong owns a shop in Chong Pang which sells soccer stuffs and streetwear … very friendly and can get good bargain… he is also well known for organising soccer matches for those living in Yishun… just any kid or adult that play soccer in Yishun and they will surely know him 🙂

  4. hee… bring me there one of these days 😉

  5. Chong Pang City was named after Lim Yi Shun’s elder son, Lim Chong Pang.

  6. Hi there

    I lived in Chong Pang from 1974-76. My husband was with the New Zealand Forces at Dieppe Barracks in Sembawang Road.

    Chong Pang Village was originally known as Westhill Village or Westhill Estate.

    In 1956 it was renamed to Chong Pang as a tribute to Lim Chong Pang, the son of Lim Nee Soon (Nee Soon translated to mandarin is now Yishun). Lim Chong Pang was born 6 June 1904, died 1956.

    He was a member of the Rural Board from 1929 to 1938 and a businessman.

    I was in Chong Pang (Sembawang) in Feb 2009 specifically to take a photo of my house in Jalan Derum and the bronze statue outside the Shopping Centre.

    I was disappointment to find the bronze statue is no longer there. Has it been New Town?

    I loved my time in Chong Pang and have the fondest of memories which regularly drawers me back to Singapore time and time again.

  7. Very nice site on ChongPang. Good work. I used to represent ChongPang, Sembawang for badminton in interconstituencies. Keep it up!

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