Posted by: hyacinthus | September 30, 2007

Underground Radio Is Coming?

Graffiti on the hoardings? Who dares so on LTA’s CCL construction site?

Frankly, I see more acceptance towards graffiti art in more places e.g. Singapore Arts Museum (temporary) and Youth Park in Orchard etc

hmmm…. what has LTA and HDB got to do with Underground Radio?

What will happen on 22 – 26 Oct?

Clowns and Traffic Lights? More hints please!

Googled for “underground radio” and “LTA” didn’t return anything helpful. The closest is this articleST Elect wins project to provide radio coverage for mobile phone service for Circle Line MRT.

Anyone knows? 

Edit on 20 Oct 2007 – The answer is here.



  1. My guess is our MRT line will be able to pick up radio signals.

  2. But, why only from 22 – 26 Oct?

  3. this is a fine example of guerilla advertising!

    its also spotted along buona vista, MOE hq. it really intrigued me. So now we know its the KPE. Good advert! and they follow up to non-drivers too on all local radio stations in the morning.

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