Posted by: hyacinthus | September 30, 2007

Dempsey House

Discovered Dempsey House when I had dinner with Pooh at Tanglin Village recently. Went there yesterday again to recce Tanglin Village when there’s more light.

A map is helpful if it’s more direct in what it wished to communicate. In summary, there’s food and spa services in Dempsey House. You can click on the image to launch a bigger image of the map.


Day view – where are the customers?

Night View – they only come out at night

At noon and 31 degrees celcius, nobody wants to sit under the hot sun and risk skin cancer!

ah…. cooling and romantic at night 🙂 

some still prefer air-con even if it’s at night.

How to get there for dinner if you don’t drive? Either you walk in (and risk being knock down by a car – it’s really dark at night) or take taxi or a shuttle service in 🙂

There are also other restaurants in Tanglin Village which I’ll post later by instalments 🙂



  1. eh? got shuttle bus? woo hoo. i can go soon! 🙂

  2. I see very few people take the shuttle service. Probably, it’s not well publicised. The mini-bus is in white and has a green tree-like logo on it.

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