Posted by: hyacinthus | September 29, 2007

Big Fish in Tanglin Village

NEA’s weather forecast is seldom accurate.

I should have gone to Tanglin Village on another day when it’s not so HOT…

These elephants (from Shang’s Antiques) are relaxing under the shade.

Nearby, there’s a pond. What’s in there?

OMG! What is it? So dirty… need a good scrub!

Two 1-metre long fishes!

Think I disturbed their afternoon nap with my camera clicking away… :p

Actually, I’m quite afraid to move near them cos not sure if they will jump out of the shallow pond or not. See coins. Wishing pond? Will my wish come true? 😉



  1. err they look… gross.

  2. Arapiamas! Careful, they do leap.

  3. @Daphne
    yup. they looked very gross!

    finished your exams? 🙂

    Thanks for the tip. Googled for the fish and found out that Arapaimas (Arapaima gigas) are also known as Pirarucu, Paiche or Bony tongue and are one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world. Can grow up to 3.7m!

    Probably, the weather was too hot, they looked rather lethargic in the pond. phew! 😉

  4. If they leap, they will get eaten :)~~

  5. I didn’t know they were also served as food.


  6. I haven’t actually finished my exams, just having a one week break from school while my seniors have their exams.

    If you think the arapaima is HUGE, check out the beluga sturgeon.


    Who eats a fish that size? :O It’ll probably be too bitter…

  7. i see… thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Is Beluga Sturgeon a freshwater fish too?

    I wouldn’t want to eat it. The sight of it turns me off!

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