Posted by: hyacinthus | September 25, 2007

Look out of your window!

If the moon is still out there tonight that is 😉

Wonder if chang’e jie jie is still waiting for her darling houyi in the moon? Poor thing if she’s still up there. Perhaps, someone should tell her to forget about houyi and get excited about social networking!

Tonight’s mid-autumn. That’s why the moon is exceptionally round today.

I had enough of mooncakes. So, you’ll see pomelo tonight! 🙂

How do you choose a pomelo? I asked a few elderly aunties in my office for tips on choosing a pomelo and they all say choose one with nice skin and a big fat ass. hehe. Sounds like some criteria for choosing a daughter-in-law in the old days ;p

How do you cut a pomelo then?

As pomelo’s skin is quite thick, you need to make deep slits (about 1 – 2cm thick) before peeling it off.

Once the slits are made, use your fingers to pry open the skin by digging into the slits.

Once you are done with it, you can remove fruit from the skin easily.

Chinese usually hang the pomelo skin upside down to dry then use it to add flavour for cooking or bathing to get rid of bloatiness especially after giving birth.


Okay, enjoy the juicy fruit of your labour! These are also used in Chinese desserts and dishes like HK Mango dessert or Yusheng during Chinese New Year.

This is definitely easier than cutting a pineapple, isn’t it? 😉



  1. The big big moon reminds me of a huge watermelon.. just that it’s grey instead of green 🙂

  2. i thought so too.

    All imperfections surfaced closeup. Miss Moon needs a IPL facial at Bella? 😉

  3. And couple with a diamond peel facial to smooth out all the holes .. haha 😛

  4. Hey, I also tried capturing the moon a day later, on the 26th, which is more round… But the photo of cause is not that great as yours… And the scars looks similar… Anyway I just got real excited when I finally can zoom all the way and got the moon in focus. Ha.

  5. Use tripod and manual settings to get the details.

    Have fun 🙂

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