Posted by: hyacinthus | September 25, 2007

HDB should build condominiums too?

On page 8 of Sunday’s Zao Bao, Mr Ngiam Dong Dow¹ commented that new HDB flats should not be limited to those families where their monthly income is under S$8,000 (hmmm…) and HDB should also build condominiums (huh? Build condominiums?)

His point is to abolish the income ceiling (yay!) and remove subsidies for high-end flats (like those built by private developers in Boon Keng) to avoid speculation activities.

The following pictures were taken at Remaking Heartland Exhibition, currently at Vivocity.

What do I think?

HDB should not build condominium. Surbana can do it. Otherwise, it would face dilemma.

On income ceiling, it’s not the only policy that’s restricting the purchase of new flats. So, I can’t comment unless it’s discussed in context and in totality.

¹Over 40 years in public service, Mr Ngiam Tong Dow has spent 29 years as Permanent Secretary in various ministries including Ministry of National Development. He was also chairman of HDB and CPF, and had an intimate understanding of Government’s early public housing schemes and central provident fund system.


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