Posted by: hyacinthus | September 24, 2007

My Favourite Mee Siam Stall

Years back, I loved it so much that I had this for breakfast in straight 2 weeks! The friendly auntie always remembers that I don’t like it with chilli, does not want the gravy to be packed separately and prefer lime juice squeezed into it.

That’s all in the past.

Not that it’s not as nice as before or the service has deterioriated. In fact, food and service is as good. But, I have learnt to moderate what I eat.

Wanted to eat Mee Siam again and had it for lunch.

Love the gravy and crispy fried anchovies. It’s only S$2.20 for takeaway.

Yum! Yum! 🙂

Maxwell Food Centre Stall 22
They sell Laksa, Mee Siam & Mee Rebus.



  1. I love their mee siam too. Really nice and I find the price quite reasonable. Gonna try their laksa the next time.

  2. interesting, i’ve never known maxwell have such mee siam…
    shall go try 😀

  3. try it! tell me how you find their mee siam 😉

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