Posted by: hyacinthus | September 23, 2007

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant – 1977

My mum was reminded of Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant when we had Red Bean Paste Pancake last Saturday. The dinner at Prima Tower which we had red bean paste pancake for dessert with my father’s sisters was 2 decades ago before they were married.

So, we decided to go there for lunch today.

The iconic Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant at Keppel Road seen on top of the grain silo. How many 360-degree revolving restaurants with panoramic views do we have left in Singapore? Meritus Mandarin Hotel and this one.

Prima Singapore logo – established in 1961.


Note that you have to “surrender” your car keys if you park here. Valet parking only.

A discoloured signboard.

Entrance to the lift lobby

Lift lobby on ground floor

Lift lobby on 9th floor

Escalator leading to the staircase

Staircase to the restaurant

Restaurant Interior – windows are quite clean. Good for taking pictures of the scenery 🙂

Panoramic Views – I’ll put up its views in another entry. There’re too many pictures in this one.

Appetizers – boiled peanuts and pickles


Wet Tissue with its restaurant name in Chinese words printed

I didn’t read the menu as it was my dad who ordered the set lunch. Thus, the name of dishes are my own intepretation based on what I heard and ate.

Winter Melon and Ham Soup

Fried Prawn Tofu


Where’s the prawn? The prawn taste is on its skin. Only Toufu inside.

Fried Pork


Steamed Fish


Fish meat

Fried Spinach with Mushrooms

Peking Duck before it’s skinned

The duck skin, a piece of cucumber and spring onion, smeared with peking duck sauce was wrapped in this powdery white skin. I don’t like it with spring onion.

Perhaps, I was really unlucky. 1 piece had a very dry and hard duck skin that was tough to bite. The other piece was so oily that I could felt like 2 tsps of oil oozing out as I bite on it… in that instance, I felt like puking. Had to wash it down with hot tea. This is probably the worst Peking Duck I’ve ever eaten.

The total bill for 4 of us came up to be S$209.55 after taxes for the set lunch. Eventually, we didn’t order the red bean paste pancake after the meal. My mum wasn’t keen.

The lunch was so-so. We should perhaps go for its dim sum. But, its panoramic 360-degree view of the Singapore skyline, Brani Terminal, Sentosa and Mount Faber was fabulous!

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
201 Keppel Road Singapore 099419
Tel: (65) 6272 8822
Fax: (65) 6272 8823
Business Hours
11.00am – 2.30pm (Mon – Sat)
10.30am – 2.30pm (Sun & PH)
6.30pm – 10.30pm (Mon – Sun & PH)



  1. Stellar pics!

  2. GREAT interior shots and photos of your food, Hyacinth! 🙂 But no pictures of the views?

  3. Thanks SEAfan. Soon… I need time to process the pictures. it took me 2 1/2 hours to do those in this entry 🙂

  4. Ah, I see. Of course! Take all the time you need. 🙂

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