Posted by: hyacinthus | September 22, 2007

How many plastic cards do you have in your bag?

Besides Identification Card, Driving Licence, Staff Pass, Access Cards, EZLink and CashCard, how many more cards do you carry in your bag everyday?

I need a separate card holder to hold these cards. There are others in paper format like L’Occitane etc. I wonder why in the 21st century, we are still required to hold so many plastic (and paper) cards to enjoy discounts and benefits.

Don’t you wish there’s a single card that can replace all that?



  1. guess wat ??? i don tink i have any of the cards tt are listed on yr picture. LOL!

  2. hmmm… perhaps, I hold too many cards… ;p

  3. wah lau! u win! 😀 I only have 6 plastic cards… 1 NRIC, 1 keycard, 4 credit cards…

  4. I use the Citibank card at most times cos the points can be accumulated for 3 years and they have been good to me. (waived my annual fees, helped me to cancel the payment for an item that never arrived, the hotline is the fastest/easiest to get through and good eService for checking on my expenditure)

    The other cards are only used only if there’s 1-for-1 deals, rebates or discounts. 😀

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