Posted by: hyacinthus | September 19, 2007

i-shoot-i-eat-i-post S$2 Chicken Rice

What’s there to shoot and post if I eat first? 😉

I had $2 chicken rice in Chinatown along Smith St for lunch today. Chicken is tender and moist. They only have “white” chicken meaning steamed or boiled.

Chilli Sauce and Mentos Sweet. This is the only chicken rice shop that gives you Mentos sweets. No prize for guessing why. Garlic is used to cook chicken rice.

Hah! See RC’s plate of chicken rice. So much dark soy sauce!

This is their so call Speciality Toufu with Thai Chilli Sauce at S$3 – I don’t recommend you to try this especially if you dislike those traditional fried onions.

Soup is FOC

A customer ordered fried bean sprouts and raw fish. He wanted the bean sprouts to be cooked longer.

The cook didn’t hear the order clearly and ask “Cook which one longer?

Two of its service staff shouted back in unison “Tao Ge lah!” and laughed.

Did you get it?

Raw fish is meant to be raw.

It must be too hot today.

The chicken rice portion at S$2 is enough for small eaters like me only 🙂



  1. Somehow the chicken rice didnt taste as fresh today as on the last occasion. Maybe it was very hot. But still its a great place I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try the national dish.

  2. sorry for making you walk under the HOT sun… 🙂

  3. LOL I get the joke… Very original!!!
    Well from what I can see, the chicken rice probably looks as good as it tasted. Especially the sauces… Mouth watering! *stomach growling*
    Great photos as always.

  4. I am very disappointed with their standard of the rice. I’m not an expert in cooking rice so I can’t put a finger to it but the whole ‘taste experience’ is wrong. Just plain wrong.

    The base of the taste is correct but the level is simply wrong. Never going back again.

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