Posted by: hyacinthus | September 18, 2007


There were many banners in Orchard Road like this one showing father and son in similar red cape and blue shorts gear with this iwannagohome!™.

I checked online but it’s not a valid website. (I found it later at this site. Warning: It’s horrendously hard to navigate through its product menu!)

So, what on earth is this banner selling?

Frankly, it’s not clear.

It was only last Saturday when I had some 40min to kill while waiting for my family to arrive for dinner that I discovered what it was selling – stylish home furnishing products that can be affordable for its quality and design.

They have interesting products like tableware, furniture, books, decorations, candles, art pieces, bedsheets, chandeliers etc.  Even if you are not buying, it’s no harm going in to take a look what this store has to offer. Their service staff are friendly. There’s no lack of people buying stuff there. So, I guess the standard of living has gone up and people are going for tasteful home products to improve their living space. 

Hah. I like their paper bags.

They are occupying the shop space where Barang Barang used to be at Great World City. Another view of its shopfront – they close at 9pm.


Zooming into the store. Photography is not allowed in the store 😦

Mama Pear and Baby Pear

Would anyone wanna buy these pears?

Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade #01-35/36
Singapore 237994

Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road #02-19A/20
Singapore 247933



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  2. wow… i wanna go 2 iwannagohome! definately must visit, especially when my hari raya is approachin… looks classy… perhaps can get nice stuff for my home… but not sure abt the price tags though…:-)

  3. and u sure are rite abt the navigation of their website… all the mouseover effect is making me dizzy…

  4. Really nice place. They just started out this year and have two retail outlet in Singapore.

  5. iwannagohome is a nice n good place to go. it will give you a happy shopping place cos it has many things 4 u to c every days. n things change almost everyday n new items. price r good as well.

  6. they sell real cheap looking trendy stuff….. and price it slightly above ikea price… ie- low to lower-mid price.

    it is ok if you’re into that sort of thing. and if u dun mind your guests in your home saying “eeee so cheap one!”

    Hong Kong has a much better version at this price segment, called GOD (goods of desire).

    me, i’d rather save my money for the real thing at the xtra living at park mall.

  7. yo…who make this web? well done.. i miss iwannagohome so much… everyone must go there and shop ok?? becos is a very nice place to furnish ur home and presents to get for everyone!!

    • new website has indeed improved 🙂

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