Posted by: hyacinthus | September 16, 2007

Breakfast at Ya Kun

A wet and cold morning. It was drizzling.

We wanted to go Ya Kun for breakfast and somewhere sheltered from rain.

My brother suggested Safra Telok Blangah and we were pleasantly surprised there’s a Ya Kun on level one.

Must be too early. It’s not even 8am. We were the first group of customers.

My brother has superb memory – he could match the beverage to the person. 4 of us had 4 different preference.

Dark Soya Sauce and Pepper

Soft-boiled egg – add dark soya sauce and pepper to it

Then, mix it before drinking from the plate…

… or dip toasted kaya-butter bread with it

It’s not cheap eating at Ya Kun, Safra – S$13.10 in total plus S$3.06 parking fee! Safra members are entitled to 10% discount at this Ya Kun.

What did you have for breakfast?



  1. The way you stuck all four photos of coffee together looks professional 🙂 Which did you drink?



  2. nice pics… although it’s an entry abt smtg tht is v common in our daily lives, i stil enjoyed looking at the pics 🙂

    i miss having breakfast with my family. all 6 of us are spread out in 5 different places, n we haven’t had a complete reunion in the last 4 years 😦

    before tht, my dad used to tell us tht we MUST eat breakfast AND dinner together as often as we can, because mealtimes are supposed to be a family-thing.

    *tears* u made me miss my family 😦

  3. @Excelsvr
    Teh C

    5 different places? 4 years is too long.

    *hug hug* hope u would have a chance to have at least a meal with all your family members soon. 🙂

  4. Yup it’s quite sweet- nice, but Teh C is too sweet for me 😦



  5. Drink Teh O lor.

  6. Indeed, I like the 4 in 1 drinks pic. Very nicely done up to show to Singapore newbies — this is Singapore hot beverage for you!

    The food pics are making me so hungry!

  7. i didn’t think about it when I photographed each cup. it’s an afterthought 🙂

    let’s do tea one of these days at Yakun. maybe, with your vendors too. I can do more in 1 then 😉

  8. How about do 1 picture of coffee takes up 1/8 of the entire photo? Then you can have drinks like Milo Beng, Teh Beng.. LOL I’m so hungry 🙂

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