Posted by: hyacinthus | September 15, 2007

Pasta Fresca

I remember it was Samantha who introduced me to Pasta Fresca (at Isetan Scotts then) long time ago when I was 19 or 20. She was showing me what was ravoli and how to eat spaghetti by first twirling it using fork and spoon correctly. We have not been talking to each other since some years back. Both of us were too stubborn to give in to each other on a single issue. I still remember her birthday though. Pearlyn, our common friend, was surprised that I did.

Anyway, Pasta Fresca at Singapore Changi Airport wasn’t as good as its other branches.

I love Singapore Changi Airport. The feeling it gives is warm and welcoming like the starter – Garlic Bread (complimentary).

Marinara Linguine (S$17 before taxes) and Alfredo Fusilli (S$14.70 before taxes)

I had ordered Marinara but exchanged for Alfredo as Pooh found Alfredo too cheesy and I found the tomato base wasn’t cooked to my liking. The exchange made our dinner more palatable.

Pasta Fresca
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2
Viewing Mall Level 3
Singapore 918141



  1. I tried the pasta at the Airport branch. The price is slightly higher and they do not give you FOC plain water compared to the Bukit Timah outlet. Food also doesn’t taste as good as the Bukit Timah outlet too.

  2. hmmm… that’s strange.

    We were not charged for plain water. Furthermore, I had warm water and PE had cold water. Also, they replenished it as soon as it’s 1/4 glass left.

  3. That time we were there, we asked for some plain water and they said they only serve mineral water and it’s chargeable. But then I ate at that place more than a year back. Perhaps they changed their management style after receiving feedback from customers.

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