Posted by: hyacinthus | September 14, 2007

Saswadee in Chinatown

RC wanted to have lunch with me on Wednesday.

Weather was good.

But, we had some misunderstanding over something just before lunch.

I was angry with him for assuming that I had my handphone with me and changed the meeting place via sms without my prior agreement. Was waiting for him at the original meeting place for 15min.

15 min may seem little.

15 out of 60 min lunch is a quarter gone already!

So, I simply walked away in a huff.

Coincidentally, he was waiting somewhere along the path to Chinatown and saw me.

“Hey hyacinthus!”

Yes… he calls me hyacinthus or hya all the time.

“Why are you waiting here?!” I stared angrily at him

“I don’t feel comfortable standing there”

“Then, you should have told me earlier!”

“I sms-ed you!”

That’s the point. sms-ed me does not mean I HAVE read it. He should have known since I didn’t reply at all to that sms – that simply says ura.

Sensing that I was very angry with him, he tried to change topic.

“So, where are we going for lunch?”

I ignored him and walked away to where I feel like walking to.

RC is a patient guy. So, he quietly followed as I sprinted.

I may get angry and ignore someone – but, usually I’ll get over it after a while (especially when I get distracted by interesting photography subjects)

So, our Lunch was Thai food from a shophouse coffeshop – Saswadee Thai Food, along Trengganu Street in Chinatown. 


RC had Tom Yum Seafood Noodles at S$5.

I had Fried Seafood Vermicelle for S$4

I’ve tried both and prefer Tom Yum Seafood Noodles better.

Now, sms is only 1-way.

Never assume the receiving end has read or acknowledged it. Get it? 


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