Posted by: hyacinthus | September 14, 2007

Mooncakes for Sale!

Takashimaya is always crowded and it gets busier during weekends.

What are these people buying??? 

Oh… mooncakes.

Get S$5 voucher if you buy S$80 or S$100 worth of mooncakes. Pretty easy as one box can be as expensive as S$50. Just buy one for mother and one for mother-in-law 😀

Belyl is going to see what mooncakes to buy at Takashimaya Square this evening. Marriott and Crown Prince Mooncakes are not available here. I saw mooncakes by bakerzin, Raffles Hotel, Sichuan Douhua, Regent Hotel, Peninsula, Qi hua, etc…

Flaky skin mooncakes

Premium snowskin mooncakes with bird’s nest from Regent Hotel. hmmm…. speaking like someone… why don’t you treat me to bird’s nest soup at the restaurant instead? (I recommended my brother and boss to get Marriott’s snowskin durian. Guess what they said? Buy durian better lah! LOL)

Buy some tea to go with mooncakes?

… and some lanterns to light up your corridor or garden?

If you are still hungry after sampling all the mooncakes here, buy some meat buns? 🙂

Meidiya’s also here.

Beside mooncakes, you get to sample free yoghurt, Korean food, Japanese food and some tidbits etc.

My mummy didn’t want any mooncakes.

Instead, she wanted a bottle of pickled olives which expires end of this year.


Another lady customer at the cashier was commenting that she has to eat porridge everyday so that she could finish her bottle of pickled cucumber by end of this year. We laughed at her comment. 

Yah… no wonder my mummy is so slim. She has porridge for lunch everyday except for weekends. 

But, why expire so fast?



  1. Wow great variety of mooncakes. But I might not have the time to go down this evening or weekend. Busy house hunting 😛

  2. Good luck finding your dream home 🙂

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