Posted by: hyacinthus | September 14, 2007

Japanese Rabbit Mooncake?

They looked lovely, aren’t they??? 

Cost S$22 per box. I love rabbits! Those were actually Usagi or Rabbit Buns filled with bean paste.

Wonder if they taste as good as they looked?

It’s located on Basement 2 of Takashimaya.

Anyone has tried the Japanese confectionery from this shop before?



  1. Those are super-cute! Especially the one that looks like a lemon (?)
    Anyway, you’re linked 🙂
    Awesome blog.

  2. Thanks. you’re linked too.

  3. Yes.I’ve personally tried this shop in 2004.. I bought the rabbit mooncake, peach dun know what( can’t remember ) & some other stuffs, I also bought their red bean paste pancake which doremon loves to eat. Packaging is nice n the food is nice. At times can’t bear to eat such nice food. 🙂

  4. What is the name of this place?? Hmm, looks so tempting!

  5. What is the name of this place?? Hmm,looks so tempting!

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