Posted by: hyacinthus | September 13, 2007

Is Graffiti Allowed in Singapore?

According to the Vandalism Act, no unless you are allowing it on your own property.

Did anyone allow these graffitis?

Dog Peeing on the Toilets sign seen in the Red Dot Traffic Building

Mac Fries signals “Victory” on the wall of shophouse at Ann Siang Road

Robots fighting at Ann Siang Hill? The smaller robot was seen in a shop in Scarlet Hotel nearby. Same artist?

This is taken near the Metz condo. I believe this should be gone by now.

The following drawings were photographed within a private property in River Valley. Its gates were opened and I simply walked in… :p 

Anyone knows where to hire a graffiti artist to decorate a child’s room?



  1. scope and KGB are great artists.
    i dont have contacts for scope, but visit

  2. Thanks for the referral!

  3. Hi Hyacinthus,

    Your post has been featured in The Singapore Daily. Thank you for your support!

    The Singapore Daily Team

  4. The dog peeing on the toilet sign is very unique! Cool!



  5. Other than Scope or KGB, u can try backalley dot com. They have artist over there which paint client’s houses, building…etc. And yeah…most of the pics u post..are illegal work.

  6. thanks!

    i’m not sure if they were illegal or not. Thought the bungalow owner allowed the drawings cos it looked like some art house 🙂

  7. I especially loved the dog(you said it’s at Metz?)
    There’s also some graffiti behind some of the shophouses on Emerald Hill, I think.
    The graffiti near Robertson Blue gave it great context, I thought:
    Can’t seem to locate the one with the stenciled boy…

  8. The dog one is at Red Dot Traffic building.

    The one near the Metz is this =>

    The stenciled boy is within a private compound somewhere along Killiney Road. If they locked the gate, I doubt you can see it…

    thanks for telling me the one at Emerald Hill. Will explore when I’m in the vicinity.

  9. […] Hyacinthus’ blog gives an excellent rundown of some of the more interesting graffiti in residential areas(including the picture of a dog at the entrance of a condominium toilet). […]

  10. The robots fighting and the Mac Fries graft was done by local graffiti artist Jahan. He painted in s’pore way back in the day…

  11. Check, singapores pioneer graff artist

  12. its illegal.i dun really think tis ppl have spaces to express themselves.too bad coz i’ve seen sum great werks at youth of them is slacsatu.heard he’s the best here.


  13. check him out.way too good to be a local.

  14. ahahhaghsghsgahsghaghag
    this is so entertaining,
    “way too good to be a local.”

    im here to address that sentence ms jenny tan said above. not really about the title of this 2 year old blog entry.

    yes we are local…
    born and raised in singapura.
    and its ppl like us that puts singapore as a player in the world map.
    graffiti artist like- scope01 and slacsatu who are known or represent internationally, myself and a whole lot others with our own unique skills play our roles too.
    its an underground subculture here. not much is known by the public of coz. mostly everything is misunderstood.
    and only a handful of us exist. existed for almost the past 2 decades. rare breed you might say.
    but as long as we our “species” know that singapore now stands alongside countries like australia, hong kong, japan, germany, london and the usa-
    despite being a strict country . we are happy.
    and hearing a local saying “way too good to be a local”… 🙂
    its good to know what this one individual this of us.

    so thats done. i just wanna see what other individuals out there think about all this or the whole topic?

    one last thing, jahan… painted in singapore back in the day…? that dude is skilled in other fields. no doubt, and has put singapore in the world map with the other stuffs he does. respects for that. but painted way back in the day? i cant remember ppl who have had painted way back in the day and who is still painting to this day, to remember him painting since way back in the day.


  15. Hi Sandman, I think graffiti art is accepted in Singapore – Government and Shopping Malls are examples that use graffiti art for marketing communication purpose.

    Check out some other graffiti art entries 🙂

  16. Thats not graffiti. thats aerosol art. graffiti exists only in illegal form. Whats u see commercially as ‘graffiti’ is actually aerosol art, an adaptation from street graffiti.

    dont get confused by any other mainstream definition.

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