Posted by: hyacinthus | September 12, 2007

Ever Seen a Dragon Fruit Flower?

I discovered a Dragon Fruit (火龙果) farm in Kranji Countryside last Sunday.

Located next to Hay Dairies’ Farm.

Dragon Fruit Flower

Notice both the flower and the fruit grow on a cactus-like plant?

Dragon Fruit is rich in antioxidants!

This is how it looked like when you halve it. White juicy flesh with many edible seeds. NTUC supermarket usually sell this variety. I bought 4 at a promotional price of S$2 at Carrefour this evening.


There’s another variety where the flesh is purplish red. 

Will update this entry when I buy one 🙂



  1. The purplish-red one is the sweeter version of the white one. Looks and tastes good, but after a while you will find it too sweet.



  2. That’s an amazing flower. I saw my first Dragon Fruit yesterday and I was really taken by its appearance. I’m searching for information on growing them from seed and if it’s possible to grow them indoors, if anyone can point me in the right direction.

  3. the dragon fruit is basically from a cactus plant.

    I’m not sure if it could be grown indoor.

    if you have a planter box with at least some sunlight, you may grow it well. Good luck! 🙂

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